Do you have a tax problem?
Are you afraid of a HMRC inspection?

Or maybe it has already happened, you were issued with fines and are wondering whether it’s possible to reduce or cancel those?

I need help

We help small and large companies deal with HMRC.

Have you discovered an error in your tax returns?

Despite acting with due diligence, you have made mistakes in your tax returns. We will review your documents, make the correct calculations and make an offer to HMRC on your behalf to repay the amount due.

We'll see the matter through and you'll be able to focus on running your business with a clear conscience while we deal with HMRC.

Are you facing an inspection from HMRC?

Whatever the reason for the inspection, it is always accompanied by enormous stress. Any errors can have hard to predict consequences. At this stage, it is worth entrusting yourself into the hands of a professional.

If you work with us, we will guide you quickly and efficiently through the process -  from sorting out the paperwork and discussing the actual situation, to dealing directly with HMRC, meeting deadlines and closing the case.

Have you been fined?

Give us access to all the documentation and answer a few questions - we will use all the knowledge and experience we have to make our next case a joint success.

What will you gain?
  • We will look after your money with as much care as we give to our own.

  • You will get peace of mind - you can be confident that all formalities will be completed on time and all will be correct with your taxes – so you can focus on earning money.

  • You will save time - you will not have to waste hours tackling paperwork and software but will have more time for your business and your family.

  • You will save money - a monthly subscription to our accounting service will include tax advice, and could lead to savings on Tax and National Insurance.

What do we promise?
  • Full confidentiality - your data will be secure.

  • Availability – if you have any questions or concerns, we will respond promptly and provide advice quickly and efficiently.

  • Proactive involvement in your business - we will look for savings and come up with ideas. You won't have to chase us up.

  • Order in your paperwork - you should have no problems finding things.

  • Access to up-to-date information - I track economic news on a daily basis, and TaxOne clients receive regular newsletters.

Financial education

We will support you with knowledge and many years of advisory experience. Our service will, if you wish, include a solid foundation of financial education - so that the documents with accounting information for your business will never surprise or confuse you again.
For clients who have not yet implemented Making Tax Digital in their business, we have a special package that makes the implementation process as easy, quick and painless as possible.

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