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Professional advisers

Dawid helped me understand the issues of social security in the UK and PL. A very professional approach, easy contact and the ability to efficiently use other experts are the definite advantages of David and his company. I would definitely recommend.

Marcin Karnowski

Reduce £3000 taxes

I recommend Dawid as a great tax advisor in the UK. Great specialist and enthusiasts - if you don't believe me, arrange a consultation with him.
David needed 15 minutes to reduce taxes in my LTD company by over £3000, and for years I was sure that my adviser knew what he was doing...

Michał Czerlikowski

A valuable advice

Dawid is a 100% professional. Thanks to his extensive knowledge based on several years of experience and continuous improvement, he is able to answer every question. He is not only an excellent accountant, but also a helpful advisor. I am grateful to him for his time and valuable advice. TaxOne is a company definitely worth recommending!

Katarzyna Kochanowicz

Proactive tax advisers

After my previous experience with other accounting offices in Edinburgh, I personally believe that this is the best accounting office in Scotland. Dawid, Ania and their team are not only great accountants, but also professional advisers. TaxOne has been accounting for our companies for almost 18 months. Thanks to the excellent accounting services and the exceptional knowledge of Dawid and Ania, our companies not only operate at the highest level, but above all we can admire their development.

Jarosław Wiatrowski

Help in UK and in Poland

I used the services of Dawid and TaxOne after moving from England to Poland, which took place during a given tax year. I wanted to support the analysis of my situation and determine what I have to do to meet the tax requirements of both tax offices - both in Poland and England. Dawid helped me to determine the status of a tax residence in England, and helped to make contact with a tax advisor in Poland so that the topic was analyzed from both sides at the same time. Communication with David was very professional and pleasant all the time. Nice contact and openness to my needs. E-mail and telephone communication (video conference).

The best choice

I was struggling with the dilemma of changing self employment to a ltd in the construction industry. The reason - I have significantly exceeded the 40% tax threshold. I tried to do a reaserch myself. The more I read, the less I knew. I realized that I needed specialist advice. Dawid Wojnowski is a professional advisor. He answered all my questions and cleared the doubts with perfect solutions. Thanks to him, I save thousands of pounds. I RECOMMEND TaxOne!
If you are wondering whether it is worth investing in tax knowledge, do not hesitate any longer. The sooner you choose, the more money you save.

Karol Sieroń

Quickly and professionally

TaxOne helped me a lot: in a second they solved my problems, quickly and clearly answered my questions and told me what it was all about. 10/10 service on tax advice. Highly recommend.

Krzysztof Znój

High Competence

In all our dealings, David showed high competence, which is the basic requirement you are looking for in any professional service. But what makes him different from many others is his rare, genuine and deep interest in the cases he deals with and his consistent willingness to go the extra mile -- no, to go the extra 10 miles. A delight to work with, and highly recommended, especially to those who need a tax advisor and accountant who will proactively engage in saving you and your business money.

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We take initiative and actively advise our clients.

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