Don’t let Brexit block your import or export business

Do you import goods from the European Union to the UK or sell from the UK to customers in the EU?Do you run an ecommerce business?

Customs formalities and new regulations make it difficult even for the most experienced companies.

I will help you make
the import-export formalities quick & efficient

Review your tax and VAT problems

Getting to know your company's commercial processes in detail, we will discuss on Zoom the guidelines necessary for the smooth and law-compliant transportation of goods to or from the UK.

Plan for implementing correct processes for customs declarations

I will summarise the consultation in the form of a written plan. I will remind you step by step which formalities and in which order you must complete them when transporting your articles.

Implement the customs processes in your business

We will also provide you with the necessary legal references, links e.g. to EORI registration or to commodity codes.

Consulting & training package financed
by government grants

The new post-Brexit rules for trade and transport of goods between the UK and European Union countries have left many businesses unable
to run their operations smoothly and without delays.

New documents, new requirements, a new layer of bureaucracy... All this can put grit into the cogs of your business.

Are you having trouble getting to grips with customs procedures in your business?

We have excellent news for you. The UK Government has launched a scheme to support businesses dealing with the problems that Brexit has brought.
You can receive funding of up to £2,000 to cover the costs of adapting to the post-Brexit reality. The support package for small and medium sized businesses includes the cost of both training and professional advice.

Is my company eligible?

A company is eligible for this scheme if:

  • completes or intends to complete customs declarations on behalf of its customers or internally for its own goods

  • has been established in the UK for at least twelve months

  • has always complied with its tax and customs obligations correctly and is in good standing with HMRC

  • has no more than 500 employees or an annual turnover of less than £100 million

  • transports, imports or exports goods between the UK and the EU or Northern Ireland

In addition, the organisation must not:

  • be subject to an outstanding recovery order for aid declared illegal and incompatible by the Commission

  • be a company "in difficulty" as the European Commission understands it

What kind of training and consultancy is covered by the grant?
  • training on how to complete customs declarations. Declarations are defined here as the preparation of paper customs declarations or digital activities (covering both shipping and export declarations), including those related to security and safety, and their submission to customs

  • training in the management of customs processes, and the use of customs software and systems

Are there any spending limits?

Yes, £2,000 per company.

What does TaxOne offer?

A consultancy and training package which will streamline customs processes in your company, combined with assistance in applying for a grant.

Anna Łuczak is our certified expert in this field. She will carry out the training with you via Zoom and provide you with supporting materials to help you implement the processes.

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Changes in the law affect everyone. An personalised consultation is your chance to run your business smoothly despite the border requirements. Consultations are also held online using ZOOM.

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